Here's a little sappy blog post about Sammy.

Sammy was the beginning of my portrait photography.  I posted an ad on the local Facebook page for Sheridan back in June or July (don't remember).  She contacted me and I was incredibly excited.  I had never worked with a model and was extremely nervous.  I'm pretty sure she was just as nervous as me too.   
But to no avail.... Sammy was the sweetest and we created some marvelous pictures that (my first session EVER) to this day I'm still proud of.  

I'm so grateful for Sammy.  Without people like Sammy, I would never improve.  I would never have found this passion.  Sammy is such a genuine, adventurous, beautiful, and sweet person.  Thanks for getting in the nastiest pond, hanging out with me in the freezing mountain temps, and creating unforgettable memories. 

Here is some of my first session and today's session with Sammy. 

Ayeee thanks for looking <3


Braidyn Nepine