JoRee and Talon

I met JoRee in high school.  JoRee has always been humble and kind.  She was my classmate and teammate at Tongue River High.  She left halfway through to attend another school, where she met Talon. 

Talon and JoRee are high school sweethearts.  They got together right before they graduated and JoRee left for Dartmouth.  Long distance is probably one of the most trying things in a relationship but these two have managed to make it work for almost four years.  Their love is one of a kind and absolutely undeniable. 

Our session was cold due to the wind,  but absolutely beautiful!  These two brought some amazing Pendleton hats and a blanket. 

I'm so excited to share with you what these two had to say about each other and a few more from their engagements!

"She is such a caring person to every one that she loves.  I think that is one of her greatest attributes. I love that no matter what she is doing she always strives to be the best at it. I love that she has the ability to make me feel like the only person in the world. I love that even after almost 4 years we are still best friends. The type of love I have for JoRee is not one that is easily put into words nor is it one that you come across every day. That makes me a very blessed and grateful man. I want thank her for sticking by me and loving me to the best of her ability."

"I love Talon because of his love, care, and the way he makes me feel. The kind of love he gives is one that is undeniable. I have never met anyone who has put me on a (high) pedestal and made me their world. It sounds a little cliché but he makes me feel like a queen. He sees the beauty in me that I have never seen in myself and has so much confidence in what I can do. He probably has more confidence in me than I have in myself. He always reassures that I am capable of anything that I put mind to (and he is almost always right). He is the type of person that can take care of himself, me, and others. I love the family man that he has grown to be. He always puts others before himself to make sure everyone is genuinely comfortable and happy. Although we do not have a family of our own, he is always making sure my siblings and nephew and his siblings and nephew are always taken care of. I don't think I could have found another person like him so close to home and makes me feel like I am at home no matter where we are in this world."

Thanks for sharing your story JoRee and Talon!  I wish these two a lifetime of happiness! 

Braidyn Nepine