Bucket List: Shoot with wild flowers

Bucket List
Shoot in wild flowers


Hey... Remember that bucket list post I made back in January?  Well here's a little update on how I am doing. 

Last spring before I left to work in West Yellowstone I was able to check one off.  I really love all the wild flowers that spring time in Wyoming brings.  I always envisioned shooting a fun couple in the middle of them.  Scotty and Cassie were the perfect couple for this.

We met in Banner, WY at the overlook.  We may or may not have trespassed.. uh... yeah... the best places are usually illegal.  They brought along someone very special with them (look to the end to see how cute she is).  It was still a bit cold, but Cassie was a trooper in her pretty dress.  We spent a good hour running through this hillside of beautiful yellow and purple flowers.  Thinking back on this shoot gives me major heart eyes. 

I'm so happy that this can officially be marked off on my bucket list.  It was so worth it.  Every picture I look at that I took of them hits me right in the happy box. 

Check out some of the pictures we took.