Life update: Lily turns five!

OH MY GOSH!  Watch out, we have a big five year old on our hands.  My Lily turned five yesterday! 

It has been a busy week, that's for sure.  She helped bake sixteen cupcakes for her new classmates at school and helped bake a yummy strawberry cake for her family party last night.  This little girl is so full of energy and happiness. 

I picked her up from school yesterday, and she painted a picture for her grandma.  After that we went and took some pictures in her new dress.  She wanted to go to Sapporo's for dinner to watch the fire (even though she hides from it).   She had a nice plate of rice for dinner (her choice, not mine).  Afterwards, we went to a park to open presents and ate her strawberry cake.

Here's some facts about Lily.

Favorite food: Mac and cheese
Favorite song:  "The one my Buffy dad plays with the violins."
Favorite toy:  "The batman one I got was pretty cool. (thanks uncle Kyle)"
Someone you love?: "My dog, Daisy."
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite activity: "I like to ride my bike.  Grammy took me a lot."
Favorite memory: "I liked when Buffy lost the kite.  It was funny, I started screaming and laughing."
Are you excited to be a big sister?: "Yeah, I hope it's a boy, but I don't want to change his diapers.  Yuck."

I love you, Lily!  You've grown up to be such a wonderful kid.  We are so proud of you.  Can't wait to see what silliness year five brings us.  :)




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