Joline's Postpartum Session | Casper, WY Newborn Photographer

Okay friends, let me tell you... sometimes as artists we need to step outside our comfort zones and go for what set our souls on fire.  THIS WAS THAT SESSION!  There is not one photo that I didn't love.  Joline and her children were angels.  PERFECT! 

littleboybw (1 of 1).jpg
littleboyset2 (5 of 7).jpg

The day of the session, Joline's house was flooding you guys.  Water all over the bathroom.  On top of juggling a new baby, she was having to deal with the head ache of people coming into her space to get the flooding under control.  I'd also like to take the time to say I can work with ANY circumstance presented ;) Trust me, I got you.  Beauty is found in messy places<3
Let's embrace the chaos together. 

suitedupbassinet.2 (1 of 1).jpg

Her children were so polite, and BEAUTIFUL!  Oh my gosh.  I could have spent all day chatting with her daughter.  Every one of these babies is blessed with parents that love them so much.  

siblings (1 of 1).jpg
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This little one has two siblings that love him so much.  Proof, big brother upset that big sis gets the cuddles ;) 

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We ended the session with some bonding skin to skin time.  Thank you Joline.  You and your children are perfect.  

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Braidyn Nepine