Carsen + Branston | Mommy and Me | Sheridan, WY Family Photographer

Oh my sweet baby B and his beautiful momma Carsen.  If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for chubby babies and Branston was full of chubb!!!!  

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Carsen is such an inspiration for any mom!  She had this little dude while in the midst of going to nursing school!  How amazing is that?  School is not easy, and then to tackle it with a newborn?!  Holy smokes!  This girl deserves a freaking medal!  

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When Carsen inquired about her session, I was so excited!  When you get to photograph and meet someone who you've been Facebook friends with, it's a super cool experience!  I had asked her what sort of pictures she was hoping for.  She had mentioned the mountains.  I loved that!  The mountains are my safe haven and having clients who WANT that fill my heart with so much love!  

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I asked her to meet me in Dayton, WY and we would find the perfect spot for her and baby B!  We started on the trek up the Big Horn Mountains.  I was a bit nervous.  The weather had just started to warm up.  I didn't want to go too far for fear of it being to cold for Mr. Branston.  We definitely did not want a snow session.  

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We had passed a spot on the side of the road I felt in my heart would be perfect.  I decided to pass it and just check out one more spot before I settled.  We had turned off on a different road up a little further.  OF COURSE!  There was snow!  I decided to back track to the place I had originally saw.  We turned down the road and IT WAS PERFECT!  

 Baby B and Carsen keeping warm while I run and get a new battery.  

Baby B and Carsen keeping warm while I run and get a new battery.  

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I got to know Carsen so well!  Her love is unconditional for that boy.  He was blessed with such a beautiful mom and the world was blessed with an amazing nurse!  Thank you Carsen for picking ME to document such a beautiful time in your lives.  Me and Cooper have made some special new friends.  

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 My boy making friends with baby Branston!  

My boy making friends with baby Branston!