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"I meet Braidyn at a birth I was a doula for and immediately loved her presence in the birth space. So I was so excited to have her at the birth of my third baby. She does not disappoint and is super easy to be around. Thankful you found your way to the birth arena Lady, you are a dream!"


"I feel so immensely fortunate to have been able to have worked with a Birth Photographer for Luna's delivery. Our magnificent photographer Braidyn Nepine was so kind and involved, and incredibly patient through my 31-hours of labor. Despite the fact that she was SUPER pregnant herself, she camped out on the couch and the floor, shared stories with me to keep me distracted in moments of pain or frustration, and was such a trooper through our entire journey. She was definitely an important part of my huge mama tribe that surrounded me in support and got me through the hardest thing that I've ever done.  Delivering my daughter via VBAC was a huge victory for me, and the fact that we now will have this magical day memorialized for the rest of our lives truly touches my heart. Looking back on these photos brings me right back to the pain, exhaustion, euphoria, fear, and excitement of our long, hard, beautiful birth.  If you're looking to work with a birth photographer, or even to have someone come and photograph your "First 48", I can't stress how much I recommend Braidyn, she is so wonderful and we feel quite bonded to her now after sharing such a beautiful experience."